Tantra & ethics

Since I practice Tantra, I experience more and more connection with my own depth, my body, my love… and with my neighbours.

All my relationships have deepened. And that’s how it should be in Tantra.

In Tantra I can be exactly who I am. I don’t have to go faster, I don’t have to go further, I don’t need to do more or do less. What an incredible relief it was for me to be introduced to this way of living. To not have to perform anymore, and allow my own truth.

The essence of Tantra is: “Saying Yes to all you experience.”

That is very easy to say, but not so easy to do. Because many of us are so cut off from our bodies, that we have no idea what we experience. Life usually goes way too fast for this.

In Tantra we reconnect with our body, which provides valuable information about how we are. This is a fragile process. It’s like learning to play a new instrument. I feel very respectful of anyone who dares to explore, uncover and reveal themselves within the practice of Tantra.

Tantrische gouache schildering, gemaakt in Rajapur rond 1750

All those feelings…

If you start to feel your body again, many questions and fears may arise:

“If I allow this sadness, won’t I drown in it?”
“If I’m going to feel this anger, will they still love me?”
“If I allow this radiance and beauty, will I be safe?”

We are often very afraid of our own ‘negative’ emotions – such as sadness and anger – because we have not learned to cope with them. That’s why we suppress and hide them. Sometimes they are so deeply hidden, that we really think they don’t exist.

By the way, we don’t just do that with the emotions we call negative. Sometimes it’s also damn hard to admit our positive emotions. Our enthusiasm. Our empathy. Our happiness, radiance, intelligence, pleasure….

But: you have all those feelings and qualities in you. Whether you want to feel them or not. Emotions are not a random mistake. Without them, there is no way to experience life. 

In Tantra we fully want to experience life to the fullest. To do so, we will have to embrace our experience of the moment: whatever emotions, thoughts or physical sensations arise.

Safety first

A good Tantra teacher will help you to stay ‘here’ while you fully experience yourself. Even when your experience is intense. 

With the right guidance, you will find out that it’s actually very liberating to experience our feelings. You will probably also experience that your energy starts to flow more freely again. Something, that was stuck before, is now moving again. And that feels really good.

Now, as Tantra facilitators, we truly enjoy offering this safe space to you, in which you can feel what you feel and your life energy can thrive. An environment in which you can take on all your colours: from glorious, to not knowing, to anger, to love… we will respect all of you.

Because your energy starts to flow more freely, it can easily flow towards one of our Tantra guides as well. In some Tantra schools here things go wrong.

So, I think it is important to be very clear about our role, because clear frameworks provide security. During our sessions (and afterwards), my team and I will be your guide and will not become part of your love affair in any way.

'Ardhanareswara' (Shakti & Shiva) - painting by Atelier Aandacht

Our trainings & sustainability

Another important part of ethics is that we want to offer our work in a sustainable way. You will not see us organising a Tantra week on Ibiza, Bali or on a cruise ship. As wonderful as it may be: this no longer fits in this time, as our home Earth is suffering. A true Tantrika leaves the world more beautiful than she found it, and such journeys do not fit into this vision.

And it’s not necessary either. The practice of Tantra requires you to go within, and that is just as possible in the Netherlands as elsewhere. I’ve heard someone say, “I’ve traveled halfway around the world, but I’ve had the greatest adventure here, on this meditation cushion.” I have that experience too, and many with me.

Moreover: everyone can have a great experience in Bali. But how do you ‘take it home’? Special experiences nearby, integrate much more easily into your life at home.

Sometimes couples also fly to Amsterdam for a session with one of us. We would kindly like to ask you not to do that, and to find a private Tantra coach in your own area.

Next to all this, we bank with a sustainable bank, we do our purchasing in the most sustainable way possible, and we contribute to around twenty charities; almost all in the field of nature conservation.

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