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A more intimate relationship in 3 hours

Do you feel more is possible in your relationship?
More adventure, more depth. Connection. Sensuality.

Our Tantra Experience for Couples is a private 3 hour workshop. It’s just you and your partner; guided by one of our experienced Tantra guides. 

We’ll teach you practical tools that will help you to enhance your intimacy – also back home.

We regularly receive expat and tourist couples, living in or visiting the Netherlands. Why not get the most out of your stay, by diving into this intimate adventure together? 

Download our free partner meditation

Download our partner exercise ‘Fuel for your Relationship’ and get a taste of what Tantra can do for your relationship. 

This 25 min. adventure may open the door to an unexpected intimate evening together…

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Our promise:

Give us three hours of your time and we will teach you our best Tantric practices, that will help you with:

* Allowing a deeper intimacy 

* Communicating clearer

* Allowing more free flowing sexual energy in and between you

* Thinking less, staying present in your body

* Relaxing more into sexuality


Also at home

Because yes: you can create this magic in your daily life as well. 

Fortunately, Tantra is really pleasurable to practice. We will provide you with ‘the best homework ever’, to help you weave the wellness of Tantra into your daily life. 

This practice has the potential to make you feel more loved and seen, more alive, juicier and deeper connected to yourself and your partner.

We will support you with our free email series, with reminders of the practices you have learned, so you won’t forget.

What couples say about their Tantra session


Introducing our team

Our team consists of experienced Tantra guides, offering private sessions in different parts of the Netherlands. We know how to lead you and your partner gently to a place where you can open up and connect on a deeper level. 

We regularly immerse ourselves in retreats and workshops, broadening our experience and gaining knowledge. And then there is life itself! We all walk the path of Tantra within the daily realities of being part of a family and/or a business owner. 

What we discover in all these places about love and relationships, we pass on to you.

What does a private Tantra workshop look like?

In our Tantra Experience for Couples, we’ll take you and your lover trough a programm full of Tantric experiments. 

We selected our favourite exercises; the ones that we like to use ourselves to enhance the relationships in our lives. Together they will give you a good taste of what Tantra is about. Besides that; they are relatively easy to take home and impact your life there. 

Before we dive in, we’ll start our session by drinking a a cup of tea together and do a meditation. Of course, we will explain a little bit about Tantra, and you can ask us all your questions. But mainly, you will practice a lot, together with your beloved.

Our team consists of experienced practitioners and teachers of Tantra. Next to that we are also therapists, coaches, psychologists or group trainers. We’ll help you unravel any relation dynamics that might obstruct the flow of energy between you.

Is this workshop sexual?

Tantric practices are all about allowing your energy to flow more freely trough you. If that happens, you start to feel more alive. Possibly also more juicy… So yes; next to it’s great use in every other area of your life, Tantra has a huge ability to deepen your sexuality. Because sex is all about energy. 

During this session your clothes will stay on, and we will not ask you to make love on the spot. But we will surely provide you with suggestions about how to use these practices in your bedroom;-)


Irene, teaching Tantra in Amelisweerd, nearby Utrecht

Our Avond vol Aandacht Podcast

Many Dutch couples who come to our private workshops, find us trough our podcast (50k + downloads) I made a few of our most popular episodes available to non-Dutch speakers. If this episode is inspiring to you, please don’t forget to leave a 5* review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Thank you so much!

Martine, teaching Tantra in Amsterdam

Tantra is all about relaxing… 

You’ll notice that most Tantric exercises will firstly help you to relax. When you loosen up, you allow your sexual energy (which is the same as ‘life energy’) to flow more freely trough your body. 

When your energy rises, this intensifies your experience of the moment greatly. We’ll help you to stay present, so you can dive deep into the magical world of your bodily experience. 

The time you spend being intimate together like this, becomes real you-time. For you to simply be, instead to perform. To let go of the images of how it should be  – and relax into what is. 

No previous experience needed

To participate to this Tantra workshop for couples, you don’t need any experience with spirituality or meditation. 

All it asks of you is a friendly curiosity about your own experiences and your partner’s. We’ll take care of all the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tantra Experience for Couples is for all lovers who are interested in learning simple but powerful practices for more intimacy and sexual energy into their relationship. 

All genders and ages (20 years & up) are equally welcome. Love is love.

You don’t need to have had a relationship for years to book this private Tantra session with us. Maybe you’d like to start your new relationship with more truth and depth straightaway: you’re welcome! 

If you have been together for a couple of years (or decades?) already, Tantra gives you the tools to meet each other again in a new, fresh way. 

You do not need to have experience with Tantra or any other spiritual path. Just bring your friendly curiosity. We’ll make sure that everything else is arranged for;-)

If you already have experience with the path of Tantra, you are welcome to use this private session to further deepen your practice. Please send us an email, if you have specific requests or questions: (first name Tantra guide) 

I don’t know how YOU will experienced it. But I can tell you about my own experience. 

I certainly had this question in mind. Tantra is a spiritual path, after all. At university I learned about scientific methods, and I was quite suspicious about any spiritual path at first. Not believing there could be a real match between me (and my science loving mind) and spirituality. 

When I discovered Tantra, I was amazed to find that science and Tantra are quite similar, on a deep level. 

As Tantric students, we like to call ourselves explorers. Like scientists, we throw ourselves into our experiments, and try to be curious and open to any outcome. In the case of Tantra, this means: to whatever we experience. 

Indeed Tantric practices ARE very opening and sometimes feel truly spiritual. I experienced many times a deep state of  oneness. I have seen and guided many other people experiencing similar states. Even within a three hours workshop. So yes; it’s spiritual. But we, human beings, are deeply spiritual beings, even if we weren’t raised like that. The crazy thing is: a lot of scientists, in the process of discovering the true nature of reality, experience deep spiritual states as well.

In Tantra it is believed that heaven is to be experienced here, on earth.

Tantric practices help us relax and open up, releasing tensed energy. When the energy starts to flow again, we practice to stay curious and present – and feel how it energises (parts of) your body till it starts to tinkle or becomes warm and alive. This can feel truly divine, and at the same time very earthly.

What makes me weary of some spiritual communities, is that I sometimes sense a pressure to think like the teachers or group leaders do.

This is opposite to what we teach in Tantra. We like to approach every (Tantric) idea or vision as a hypothesis. It might prove true (to you), but only after you have experienced it yourself. I think this is the reason why so many intelligent people are drawn to Tantra. Like you and me, of course;-)

Yes please; come as you are. There is a good change that we can shine a little light on how to navigate the differences between you – and how to allow the love between you (that is always there!) to shine more brightly. 

All women of our team are either an experienced trainer, psychologist or a therapist, and we’ve all done our own work. So please don’t feel afraid to show us how your relationship is hurting you. Ours hurt too, sometimes. 

I know from my own experience that at these times, reaching out for help is not always easy. My first inclination was to hide my heartbreak and try to figure it out alone. Fortunately I found great people on my path, who support me to create a healthy, happy and ever deepening relationship with Jeroen – since 2004. If you would have met us in the years before we started practicing Tantra, I’m sure you would not have thought that possible!  

When you feel unhappy in your relationship, it colours your whole world. Everything becomes a bit less bright. So yes: it’s sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s also very worthwhile to learn about relating and sexuality. (And often a lot of fun as well!)

Tantra is much about relaxing. And relaxing might turn easily into sleeping or drifting off, if you are really tired. So, we recommend to book your Tantra Experience for Couples during daylight. In the evenings, our bodies unwind and prepare for sleep. In the mornings and afternoons we usually have more energy, so we more naturally stay awake, present and connected.

Also if you’ve crashed straight out of a few hectic weeks full of deadlines into your Amsterdam weekend, please plan your  session on the second day. Take the first day to sleep, rest and relax, so you’ll get the most out of it.  

If you do have a bit of energy, I recommend to plan your Tantra session at the beginning of your holiday. It will not only deepen the contact with yourself and your lover, but  also the contact you experience with the world around you. You might find yourself enjoying it all a bit deeper, more fully. 

Please plan ahead. Often we are fully booked for many weeks in advance. And please feel free to contact us if you just can’t find a good match between your agenda and ours. Please mail us at: (first name of team member) @ 


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We don’t take credit cards, but you can opt for a ‘bank transfer’. You’ll automatically receive an invoice with all necessary information for that. Please make sure to make the transfer within a week, otherwise your spot will not be reserved for you.

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