We are Avond vol Aandacht:

Marije Oostindie

I founded ‘Avond vol Aandacht’ after hearing the question so often: “Can’t we also learn about Tantra privately?”

Martine Boerstra

Receiving her nonjudgmental, focused, and warm presence in your relationship for a few hours is a great gift. Martine offers her private Tantra sessions for couples in Amsterdam.

Irene Postma

Takes the two of you on an adventurous journey, connecting in new and unexpected ways… Irene offers her Tantra private sessions for couples in the woods of Amelisweerd, near Utrecht. 

Minie van Duijn

Warm, understanding and well equipped to guide you in the next step of your relationship. Minie offers private Tantra sessions for couples in Leeuwarden – in the north of The Netherlands.

Adinda Post Uiterweer

Supports you both to stay present and in contact, whatever you are experiencing. She welcomes you in her garden cottage in Eefde, near Zutphen – in the east of The Netherlands.

Jeroen Biegstraaten

Man with a big heart for your intimate relationship as a place of intense happiness and self-liberation. Jeroen is trainer in our Dutch spoken follow up retreats, and relationship coach (English no problem). 

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