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We imagine that you may have questions about our sessions or perhaps about Tantra in general. Below we try to answer the most frequently asked questions, as best as possible.

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In our private Tantra session for couples, you and your beloved will become acquainted with the wellness of Tantra in your relationship. In this three hour workshop you and your partner will be guided by one of our wonderful Tantra coaches. Next to Tantra guides, we are experienced trainers, therapists, coaches or psychologists. 

What the program looks like? We will meditate together (and no, you don’t have to sit still or have no thoughts!) and we will tell you something about Tantra. After that, you will practice a lot together. The practices that we teach you, can be easily taken home, and we will support you in doing so.

There is no need to take off your clothes and we will not ask you to make love. You are always free to decide whether you want to do an exercise or not. Your questions, your experiences, your desires are central.

Our company name ‘Avond vol Aandacht’ can be translated as: ‘Evening full of Attention’. It refers to the opportunity to relax together at home and at the same time stay in touch with each other.

Often when we relax, we loose contact. We disappear in a Netflix series, in a good book or in dreamland.  On the other hand: when we are awake, we often are very busy. Life is fast and demanding. We usually don’t take much time to really check in with ourselves and our loved one.

How do you do that: really being together, without working hard? Without having to do anything, not even for your partner?  In this session you will hopefully get a good picture of that.

To be able to participate to our Tantra Experience for Couples, you don’t need to have any experience with any spiritual path, meditation or yoga. All it asks of you, is a friendly interest in your own experiences and those of your partner. You can easily repeat the exercises at home and let them become part of your being together.

We will support you in that with ‘the best homework ever’, and an email series with reminders of the practices you have done.

Our private Tantra sessions are for all couples who are interested in allowing more intimacy and relaxation in their relationship (m/f, f/f, m/m).

You don’t have to know each other for years. Perhaps you would like to start your new relationship with (even) more truth and depth: very welcome!

If you have been together for a while, Tantra gives you the opportunity to meet each other again in a new, fresh way. In our experience there is still a lot of new to meet in your loved one, even if you think you know each other inside and out.

You do not need to have experience with Tantra or any other spiritual path for these sessions. In fact, I designed the program specifically for people who are new to this path. The only thing you need is an interest in your own internal world and that of your partner.

If you do already have experience with Tantra, you can use this private session to further deepen your practice. Perhaps you have questions or there is a special exercise that is of interest to both of you. If you already have experience, please let us know in advance. We are happy to adapt the program to your request.

We first drink a cup of tea together. Your Tantra guide then takes you into a meditation in which you take some time to settle down and check in with your body.

Of course, she will also explain something about Tantra. After that, you will mainly practice a lot together.

Some of the exercises that we offer are new; from the domain of so called ‘neo Tantra’. You will learn a contact exercise that will deepen your connection at home. You will also experience Tantric ways to move your body, in a relaxing way. And, we will also teach you an ancient Tantric breathing technique, that helps you to get out of your mind, into your body.

All exercises together give a good idea of the effect that Tantra could have on your life and your relationship.

Our company name ‘Evening full of Attention’ refers to the opportunity to relax together – and at the same time stay in touch with yourself and each other. At the end of the session your guide will give you a homework assignment ‘for life’. We hope it all feels so good, that from now on you put intimacy at the top of your priority list:-)

Please have a look on our webpage of wonderful team of guides. Together we offer private Tantra sessions in different parts of the Netherlands: in Amsterdam, Amelisweerd (close to Utrecht) Leeuwarden (in the North) and Eefde (in the East)

Click on a session in our online agenda and you will immediately see our prices.

Our sessions may not be the cheapest available, and we understand that they may not be for everyone.

Please understand that it takes many years of practice to first master Tantra privately, and then again it takes many years to become a real good Tantra guide. Each of our Tantra guides is also professionally trained as a coach, psychologist or therapist. We dare to say that at Avond vol Aandacht we offer the best private Tantra guidance in the EU.

Our prices furthermore include the rental of our beautiful professional spaces, organic snacks and endless amounts of tea. Plus, after your session, you will have access to a carefully designed online program, in which we want to support you to keep your practice alive at home.

Entrepreneurs can often include the costs of our coaching sessions in their business costs. Upon booking, simply enter your business address and you will immediately receive your invoice.

You can easily book your private Tantra session for Couples online via our reservation page. To confirm your reservation, you can pay safely and easily via Ideal or bank transfer. 

If you choose the latter, you’ll receive an email with a link upon booking. Your spot is reserved for you, after payment trough this link. Unfortunately payment with credit card is not (yet) available.

Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email with all practical information about your session. You will also receive an invoice. Would you like to book this session on your company, please enter your company name in the optional field. The description on the invoice is ‘coaching’. Most entrepreneurs will be able to claim the invoice as a business expense.

Need anything? Is your online reservation not working? Do our agendas not match yours? Please contact us.

Cancellation conditions apply, please read them here.

After booking your session you will receive an email with all practical information; also about how to prepare yourselves. (Please check your spambox if you can’t find this email, and contact us if you can’t find it in there as well!)

The reminder you receive a week in advance also contains a few questions that you can ponder on in preparation. Some couples do this together, with a glass of wine. Some people do it by themselves, some don’t at all: it’s all completely fine.

The questions are:
What do I desire for myself?
What do I desire for our relationship?

Actually, the most important preparation is to ensure that you wear loose clothing during the session that allows you to move easily. Please don’t wear tight jeans, but nice comfortable sweatpants instead. Dress in layers so that you can put something on or take it off if you get hot or cold.

Also make sure you are as ‘fresh’ as possible, for example by not drinking alcohol prior to our appointment. If you know that you are usually tired in the evening, please plan your session during daytime.

It’s also nice to have some free space around your session. Leave work an hour early and plan to hang out together afterwards; maybe over diner. We will send you some suggestions for nice restaurants in the neighbourhood. 

If you’d like to know more about Tantra, please read a few articles on our blog.

On this page you will find the cancellation conditions for our private Tantra sessions for couples.

For the case you are suddenly wondering: ‘Why on earth did I think Tantra would be a good idea a few months ago?’

I (Marije) also tried to cancel our very first Tantra training. Just because of cold feet. Luckily we were well past the cancellation deadline, so we went anyway. It changed our life for good.

What is especially exciting about Tantra in my opinion is that it requires you to admit more truth than we tend to do in everyday life.

But during our sessions, for example, you don’t take off your clothes. In our opinion, you actually don’t ever have to take off your clothes to practice Tantra; whatever the persistent common images are.

We will explain and suggest all kinds of exercises for you to do, but you always remain in full control of what you want to try and what you don’t.

Are you unsure about your booked appointment? Please contact us.

It is important that you know you are in good hands, especially with such sensitive and exciting topics as intimacy and sexuality. I wrote an article about our ethics. Click here to read it.

In this day and age when we would rather have less stuff than more, we are increasingly looking for a gift in the form of an experience. A private Tantra session for couples can bring you this: a shared experience that you can enjoy for a long time to come. It may even mean the beginning of a new shared path in your lives.

We regularly receive couples who have given each other a session with us as a gift and – because most partners have a good feeling for each other – it generally works very well.

Still, to avoid a mistake, we would like to bring to your attention a few things that you can think about.

Tantra is a spiritual path. It is aimed at the experience of more connection with yourself, with others and the world around you. It asks you to open up to new experiences and to be sensitive to perhaps unknown parts of yourself and each other.

It is our commitment to create an environment during this private introduction to Tantra in which you feel safe enough to move at least a little bit out of your comfort zone. Because that’s where growth happens. A good indicator of your willingness to do this is your curiosity and that of your partner. Does he or she like new experiences? Discovering and learning new things? If the answer is ‘yes’ for both of you, then you are very welcome.

Give your partner some time to adjust. If you know that your loved one likes to be surprised, then you might dare to plan your session on your wedding date or his or her birthday. If you have doubts, but you still dare to take a chance, make sure that your session takes place at least a few weeks after the date on which you give him/her this gift. If your partner unexpectedly becomes completely resistant, you can still cancel, paying only administration costs. Please find our conditions here.

First of all: We teach Tantra to couples. We don’t give one on one sessions. 
We are regularly asked whether we also offer ‘Tantra massages’, which usually means a massage with a happy ending. This is not part of our offer. Please understand that Tantra is a spiritual path, of which touch is part – but it is also sooooo much more.

Learn Kashmiri Massage together with your partner 
Couples who have some previous experience with Tantra, are welcome to learn Kashmiri massage under the guidance of Martine in Amsterdam.

This is an age-old form of touch – also called the Yoga of Touch. During this massage you’ll let your energy flow more freely, using a special breathing technique. In a Kashmiri massage you let go of any form of ‘working’ and enjoy the touch – even if you are the one ‘giving’. 

Interesting? Book a session with Martine trough our online agenda and then send her an email ( 

Would you rather have a ‘Tantra massage’?
Here are some careful touchers I would like to refer to:

Danielle van Berkel, Yahranayah Tienhoven – Kashmiri Massages

Erika Pet, Haarlem – Kasmiri Massages

Jacqueline Dijks, Soest – pelvic floor / yoni massages – only for women

Theo de Klein, Abhika Tantra, Tienhoven – Kashmiri Massages

The exercises we offer, will help you experience more intimacy with yourself and with your partner.

Intimacy is something you can experience during sex. But also when you do the dishes, take your children to daycare or enjoy a good cappuccino.

When we talk about intimacy in Tantra, we are talking about the ability to say ‘yes’ to everything you experience. You can feel that ‘everything’ in your body, which gives you information throughout the day about how you are at the moment. Your whole body; not just in your head.

Intimacy asks us to become aware again of the sensations of our body, our feelings and our thoughts. It asks us to relax; to loosen up our controlling tendencies. Who do you turn out to be when you stop tinkering with yourself? Who is your partner, when he or she really relaxes?

There is so much to discover about feeling your body, letting yourself loosen up and staying in touch with yourself and each other… It would  feel very stressful to practice this, while making love in the presence of an unknown person (your Tantra guide ;-). So, in our sessions you will not receive sex lessons. You  will keep your clothes on – unless you get hot, of course:-) Furthermore, you will practice on your own or together; your Tantra guide will not join you in the exercises.

Perhaps good to know: most exercises in Tantra do not look particularly ‘sexy’ at all. But they can have a tremendous effect on how you experience sex. 

Tantra is about your whole life, and sex is an important part of it. If you allow more intimacy in the contact with your partner, more energy may flow between you. You might feel very sensual and juicy, afterwards….

Of course, we will teach you how to make the practices you do during this session part of your lovemaking at home. For this, you will receive a homework assignment. The best homework ever, we think 😉

You are very welcome if you already have experience with Tantra. Let us know what your experience is so that we can get a clear picture. We will then adapt our program to your request.

For example, it could be that you got stuck in a certain exercise or had a particularly opening experience with it. Perhaps you will understand or feel more about it when you repeat it in peace and quiet and under private guidance.

It could also be that one of you has experience with Tantra and would like to practice together with your (new) partner. Being someone’s lover and teacher at the same time: that is potentially a combustible combination:-) A private session can then offer a great solution to this.

Does your back or knees bother you if you sit on such a cushion for too long? No problem! We also have meditation chairs. We’ll take some time to move and stretch in between. And you may even lie down, if that feels best.

Yes of course there are!

For your session with Martine in Amsterdam North:
Just take a look at the artistic de Ceuvel (5 minutes by car) or the restaurant of the Tolhuistuinen (10 minutes walk, near the ferry to CS) – just to name a few. At the Eye Film Museum, also on the way from the ferry, you can drink a delicious coffee with a beautiful view over the IJ. Literally around the corner is the cozy Mexican street food restaurant Bacalar.

For your session with Marije in the Tropenmuseumbuurt:
Around the corner is café Louie Louie, where you can enjoy coffee or lunch. Bar Botanique is hip and a bit student-y, but spacious and nice to sit in.

For your session at Minie in Leeuwarden:
Minie’s favorite restaurants & cafes in the area are Proefvlucht, Cafe de Bak and the Indian restaurant Jamuna.

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and experience the wellness of Tantra at home.