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Avond vol Aandacht is a trademark of Atelier Aandacht

Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 52147975

VAT number: NL105054690B01

Bank: NL68ASNB 0267172761, att. Workshop Attention

Contact: Marije Oostindie

Email Address: info[at]

Work address: Commelinstraat 47 sous, Amsterdam (appointments only)


First a note about cancelling:

Tantra is exciting. All personal growth is exciting, because we only grow when we try new things. Growth therefore always takes place just outside your comfort zone.

If you suddenly start to doubt whether your booking was such a good plan: I know where you are! Jeroen and I have tried to cancel our first Tantra training. Fortunately, that attempt fell within the cancellation period, and so we went anyway. Promising ourselves that we could always simply leave, if it wasn’t for us. 

Now I teach Tantra.

At Avond vol Aandacht we create a serene setting, in which you and your loved one can safely experiment with the wonderful Tantra techniques that we will teach you. We are here for you. The program is there for you. 

Not the other way around. You are in the lead all the time and we will never put pressure on you to do anything you don’t really want to. Instead we will support you to stay true to yourselves. During the session your clothes will stay on and we will not ask you to make out on the spot. 

If you are in any way unsure about your appointment or booking, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to talk to you.


The following cancellation conditions apply to an Avond vol Aandacht Private Tantra Session for Couples:

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify us as quickly as possible by email, preferably in response to our notifications with all information about your session. Are you unsure about your booked appointment? Please contact us, we’re happy to talk to you.
Different fees apply:

  • When you cancel within 3 days upon booking: After booking an Avond vol Aandacht Private Session for Couples you always have three (3) days to change your mind. You can therefore always cancel, free of charge, within 72 hours after making the appointment.
  • Between 3 days after your booking, until two weeks prior to our appointment: we’ll send you a coupon code for the paid amount, minus a fee of €25 for the associated administrative actions. (We already booked our session space by then).

    If you want to cancel your booking within this period, we’ll refund your money minus €50.

  • Within two weeks to a week prior to our appointment: if you want to reschedule, we’ll send you a code with which you can book a new session for a rate of €85. If you want to cancel, we’ll refund your money minus €150,-


  • Within a week to 2 days (48 hr) prior to our appointment: we’ll send you a coupon with which you can book a new session for a rate of €150. No refund.


  • From 2 days prior to our appointment: we’ll send you a coupon worth 50% of the paid amount. No refund.



How to use a coupon to reschedule? Coupons are valid for a year, and can be used one time to book a new session with the guide you originally booked with. Simply choose a new date from our online agenda, and fill in your coupon at the end of the booking process. After your booking, you will again automatically receive a confirmation and all practical information.  

Why we charge for cancelling: Experience shows that within a period of two to three weeks prior to the time we have reserved for you, a new booking is unfortunately rarely created. That means that on the time slot we reserved for you – often for months – we cannot do the work we love so much. In addition, our costs continue. We still have to pay for the beautiful spaces that we rent. Also there are unfortunately all kinds of administrative actions related to (re)scheduling an appointment. 


About privacy

We will handle your data carefully, and of course never share it to third parties. Whatever happens or what you share with us during a session will not be discussed with others in a way that your identity can be revealed. Whenever we share something about the session with you at all, it’s only for learning purposes.


If there is something in our service that you are dissatisfied with, would you please contact me? We take your complaint seriously, and will always look for a solution that is satisfactory to all involved.

Thanks so much for your attention and trust.
With love,
Marije & Team

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