Our private Tantra workshop 
for couples

More relaxation, intimacy and depth in your relationship


Discover the wellness of Tantra in our 3hr private Tantra session for couples.

You will be lovingly guided by our experienced all-female team. Our private Tantra workshops can be booked at various locations in the Netherlands; also in Amsterdam.

Our workshops takes place in a calm, relaxed and professional setting. Yes, it’s adventurous and new, but also safe. You’ll never have to do anything that you don’t want to, and your clothes will stay on;-)

We’ll teach you techniques that will help you experience more relaxation and depth in your connection. And we’ll show you how you can also use them at home: to enhance your communication, connection and lovemaking.

Wether you’ve just met, or are together for 40 years already; you’ll discover there is much more to your relationship (and life itself!). 

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For whom are these private Tantra workshops?

Love is love. We receive couples of any combination of genders and of all ages. And wether you’ve been together for two months or for twenty years: Tantra has something to offer for all relationships.

Many couples who come to us, have a busy life in which they combine a demanding career with the care of their family. They often experience there is too little room for intimacy.

How can you really meet each other in the hectic pace of everyday life? Even if you have only 5 minutes? We’ll teach you. 

And more importantly: we’ll show you how to connect in a way that your intimacy doesn’t become the next item on your to-do list. Because it should be time for you. Time for you to relax, to enjoy the connection and to surrender to the moment… This is what we practice and teach.

No experience necessary

In fact, you mainly need interest and curiosity. So no problem if you have no experience with Tantra or other spiritual work. The program is designed in such a way that it is doable for people without experience – and challenging for people with.

Meet our Tantra guides:

We – Marije, Martine, Minie, Adinda and Irene – all have years of experience in both the practice of Tantra and guiding others on this path. In addition to that, we all are experienced coaches, therapists or psychologists. Because we are constantly developing ourselves, you will receive very high-level guidance in our Tantra private sessions.

Marije, gives sessions in Amsterdam
Martine, gives sessions in Amsterdam
Minie, gives sessions in Leeuwarden
Adinda, gives sessions in Eefde
prive tantra voor stellen
Irene, gives sessions in Amelisweerd

Practical information

Locations: our private Tantra sessions are available in different parts of the Netherlands.
Marije & Martine are teaching in Amsterdam
Irene teaches in Amelisweerd (close to Utrecht, centre of Holland)
Minie teaches in Leeuwarden (the North of Holland)
Adinda teaches in Eefde (close to Zutphen, in the East)

We rent pleasant, professional spaces that are fully equipped for our work. After your booking you will receive our address details. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.

Costs: click on the session in our online agenda, and you will immediately see the price. 

Dates: please find all available options in our online calendar. Please do book ahead and avoid disappointment. 

Time: although we do sometimes offer sessions in the evening, actually it’s often more pleasant to plan a session during daylight. We will do a lot of relaxing exercises and you stay awake more easily during the day 😉 

Conditions: please read our cancellation conditions here.

What participants say


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Experience the wellness of Tantra, directly at home

Download our free Tantra partner exercise ‘Fuel for your Relationship’ (25 mins.) and experience more intimacy at home. 

Frequently asked questions about our private Tantra sessions:

You can partake in this private session in a way that truly suits you and your body. An injury is not a problem. We have comfortable chairs and cushions to make it easy for you, so that your body can relax. You may also want to lie down for a while; that’s all totally okay with us.

Tantra is about relaxing, and we are happy to support you to listen carefully to your body.

Well, in a longer love relationship there will undoubtedly be difficult periods. Then it’s easy to think that something is going wrong. Or that you have the wrong partner.

But that is very much the question. Distance easily creates incomprehension and misunderstandings. Before you know it you believe your projections on your partner, and you make him / her / them the source of your unhappiness.

We promise that you’ll find each other again in our private Tantra session for Couples.

And we are really there for you, also if it’s not always easy.

Firmly and lovingly we will guide you to see each other again with fresh eyes. Often this opens a space in which love can flow more fully again. Together with the wonderful tools we provide you with, we hope that this session will give your relationship a wonderful boost. 

What a nice idea! We have enough stuff already. But intimacy you never can get enough of.

Our private Tantra sessions for couples are very often given as a present.

It usually works out very well – even with partners who are not particularly interested in spirituality.

Tantra is very down to earth.  You don’t need to have any previous experience in meditation or yoga. You also don’t need to believe in anything special. 

Also good to know: we will never try to persuade you to do something you don’t really want to do yourself. Tantra is about staying close to yourself, and not forcing yourself. We already do that enough in life!

If in doubt, please contact us.

Please find many more answers in our FAQ or contact us if you can’t find your answers there.

Download our Free Partner Exercise

and experience the wellness of Tantra at home.