My sex is not broken

By the age of 24, I had already had two longer relationships: one of three and one of five years. In both, I lost interest in sex after a while. While I really did love my partner. I kept wondering: was something wrong with me?

In the short periods I was single, I felt like a fully sexual being. My sex certainly wasn’t broken.

Was it my relationships?
When I met my current lover and husband Jeroen in 2004, I immediately knew: ‘this is him!’

But two years into our relationship, I was as sexually blocked as before. In addition, we had developed a solid pattern of breaking up and getting together again. 

No one had told me hat a relationship could be so difficult and so painful!

Fortunately, we are both curious types and we went on a quest for relational happiness. We really, really wanted to be together. How could we heal the wounds that underlied the destructive patterns and blocks we suffered from?

In 2007 we stepped into our first retreat at the renowned Center for Tantra. We were perplexed how Tantra enriched our whole life. So much realness, adventure and depth: we wanted to learn everything about it.

Intimacy on many layers

Years and years we studied Tantra. We experienced more and more love, connection and intimacy. Getting closer to our teachers, eventually we began teaching Tantra ourselves. But still, our sex life was not exactly flourishing.

That all changed when we started to apply a few very simple Tantric techniques to our lovemaking.

Now, we are together for almost 20 years. We make love more and more without having to do anything. Just because our body wants it – and not because our head tells us to.

We are more intimate with each other. Friendlier. Much more playful. We are nicer parents to our child. Better neighbours. Warmer colleagues.

Not that we never get tired of each other again, by the way. We certainly do. But we don’t take it all that seriously anymore when it rumbles.

In our private Tantra sessions for couples, we will teach you the techniques and principles that were most useful to us. You can integrate them directly into your daily life. 

Ardhaneswara - Atelier Aandacht
'Ardhaneswara' (Shakti & Shiva) door Marije

Tantra is about life

Although many people discover Tantra the moment they are curious about or stuck in sexuality, Tantra is about so much more. Tantra is about the whole of life. It’s about allowing all of your experiences. It’s about feeling alive, and be touched by life; whether you do the dishes, drink a cup of coffee or make out.

The truth is: we’re not making love most of the day;-) Tantra, for example, got me into painting again. When I was young, I went to art school, but after that I didn’t touch a brush for at least ten years. Now making art is part of my life again. I paint old Tantric gods and goddesses for today’s urban yogis. If you like what you see to the left, have a look here🙂

I am grateful and happy to make the world a little bit more beautiful, by teaching Tantra – and through my brush and canvas as well;-)

X Marije

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