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The Art of Giving & Receiving

‘Giving and Receiving’ is a big topic in all relationships.

A big part of how we are in contact with each other, is based on a constant exchange. Of presence, love, touch, stories, experience, attention – and of course; stuff.

I know a lot of people who are very good at giving; but how do you know when it has been enough?

Receiving sounds so simple: you only have to open your hands. But can you?

In sexuality, all your patterns and habits will come to the surface. 

The last 5 minutes of our podcast episode about the topic of ‘Giving & Receiving’ that you’ll find below, consists of a free breathing meditation. It is called: ‘The Flow of Giving & Receiving.’ 

In it, I’ll invite you to completely relax in this constant stream of exchange, that not only takes place between people, but within your body as well. 

I hope you may want to try it out, and I am curious about the effect it may have on your relationship and sexuality.

After listening, scroll down for a great idea in practicing relaxing into giving and receiving within sexuality.

Listen to my podcast + meditation

The first 40 minutes of this episode, you can listen to wherever you are. About 25 mins. before the end, I take you on a breathing mediation, that requires you to lie down comfortably on your back. 

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Giving & Receiving in sexuality

Isn’t it interesting how, in sexuality, we always seem to try to receive AND give at the same time?

This is not possible without working hard. Or actually: it’s not possible at all. Still, it’s a deeply ingrained habit within many of us, that leaves very little space to simply enjoy receiving… 

Also, when your partner constantly tries to return your favours immediately; they are not truly received. This deprives you of the joy of giving as well.

To unlearn this habit, it can be very helpful to pull receiving and giving apart for a while.

It may seem a bit awkward, but why not try it? Make a clear proposal to your partner: ‘the next half hour you are only going to receive, and I am only going to give’. Of course, no one is going to work hard or force themselves in any way. Determine up front when you’ll switch roles: directly afterwards, or the following evening. 

Wishing you a lot of juiciness and fun together!

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