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Fuel for your Relationship

Welcome to this partner exercise, that we called ‘Fuel for your Relationship’.

Soon you will enter an adventurous, open space together. Here you can let yourself be exactly who you are, whatever you experience while doing this exercise. Maybe you’ll have to giggle like a teenager, maybe a tear rolls down your cheek. It’s also totally okay if you become slightly rebellious…

Normally we try to adjust ourselves, to do it ‘right’. In this exercise, whatever happens naturally within you, is completely okay.

This relaxation allows you to get closer to yourself. And with that – potentially – also closer to your partner.

From this place of proximity, I will guide your attention towards the goodness of your being together.

I see this as an important art in life, in which our attention is so often – and so habitually– drawn to what is not going well.

To truly enjoy your being together; this gives you energy. You can use this as fuel to move trough life together.

Moreover: whatever you give attention, really grows!

Jeroen & Marije | intieme Tantra trainingen om je relatie te laten bloeien

First watch this preparation video:​

Then, the practice itself:

Marije & Jeroen @ Avond vol Aandacht | Privé Tantra voor stellen

And… how are you now?

Tantric exercises are often initially a bit uncomfortable to do. 

Maybe you did indeed giggle a lot! Or maybe being silent while listening to your partner, felt really awkward…

I know all about it! 

But after such a practice, I usually experience an expanding, relaxing and sometimes even ecstatic aftereffect. Sometimes it fuels a meaningful conversation or a desire to make love.

Of course, I hope you experience something similar.

It could also be that it wasn’t so easy to bring your attention to the richness, depth or goodness of your relationship.

Then please know that this is something you can learn. 

Because we humans are capable of great growth and change, once our curiosity is aroused!

This is what we facilitate, here at Avond vol Aandacht. You are very welcome to become part of it.

Book a private Tantra session

If you liked this taste of Tantra, then I cordially invite you to let yourself be guided in a private workshop, by one of the experienced guides of our team. 

In a safe and comfortable setting, you will take a deep dive into the wonderful path of Tantra. You will learn a number of simple, powerful techniques to experience more flow and relaxation in your contact.

You’ll afterwards receive ’the best homework ever’ so the good stuff does not stop when the session ends…

Download our Free Partner Exercise

and experience the wellness of Tantra at home.